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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Google Job Qualifications: 11 Things Google Expect From Thier All Employees

  Aniket Rokade       Thursday, May 14, 2020

Google Job Qualifications

Want To Know Google Job Qualifications?

Then You Are In The Right Place.

Because I Can Easy Tell You What Qualities Google Want From You.

Google Are One Of The Best Company In The World. We Can See Google In All Online Business.
And Almost All Youngsters Want To Joint The Google.

 Because Google Have The Best Salary Packages For Their Employees.

But Google Don't Take Your Degrees Or Percentage So Serious. Because They Only Want Skills From You And Pay To You For Your Skills. They Want Skills And Talents More Than Your Degrees Or Percentages.

Google Is The Company Who Will Give You Job Without Any Degree. But First You Will Have Particular Skills, Mindset, And Confidence.

Google Job Qualifications
Google Job Qualifications

Google Company Job Qualifications 

  1. First You Need 65% Above Marks In 10th And 12th Board.
  2. Then You Need 65%+ In Your Graduation Degree.
  3. There Should Be No Backlog When You Are Applying For Jobs.
  4. You Need A Great Knowledge About Programming Languages Like C, C++, Phyton, JavaScript Etc.
  5. Then You Need A Good Communication Skills And Confidence To Interacting With Others.
  6. Knowledge About Different Softwares And Hardware To Handle Work Load.
  7. Then You Need Good Amount Of Knowledge About the Internet, Social Media, Web Searches, Websites, Blogs, Online Advertising, Fraud Detecting, E-Commerce, And Digital Marketing.
  8.  Good Writing Abilities Will Also Help You In Getting In The Job In Google.

Courses That Give Advantages To Get Job In Google

  1. B. Tech Course
  2. Bachelor degree in Software Engineering
  3. SEO
  4. Coding
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. Web Designing 
  7. Computer Science
  8. Data Science
  9. Programming
  10. Web Designing
  11. Social Skills

From My Point Of View Google Wants

  1. Skills
  2. Honesty
  3. Creativity
  4. Leadership Quality
  5. Curious And Learning Nature
  6. Passionate About Your Work.
  7. Confidence 

Qualities Google Want As Per In Article Of Business Insider

1. Google Hire Passionate Peoples Over Experts -

Generally, Google Don't Require Experts Because They Believe Passionate And Curious Employees Is Best For Their Business.

2. Google Want Cognitive Ability In Their Employees.

They Want A Person Who Learns New Skills And Information Fastly.

If Your Memory Is Good And You Have The Ability To Understand New Things And Information Then You Have Good Chances To Get Job In Google.

3. Google Hire Peoples Who Are Committed To Their Work.

Google Want Peoples Who Are Committed To Their Work And Don't Skip The Work By Work Pressure And Problems In Daily Life.

4. Google Want A Employ Who Can Handle Difficult Projects.

We All Know That Google Is One Of The Best Company In The World For Doing Jobs. But Their Projects Are Also So Difficult To Handle That's Why They Want Peoples Who Can Handle Projects Easily.

5. Google Want Decision Making Ability In Their Employee.

If You Have Good Decision Ability To Then Getting Job In Google Is Easily For You.

6. Google Don't See Your Test And Papers Scores

Google Believe That Your Test Scores Aren't Able To Figure Out Your Real Talent And Skills.

7. Google Want Peoples Who Already Accomplished Things 

If You Do Somethings Related To Your Job Then You Have Good Chances To Get Job In Google.

8. Google Want Humanity, Ownership, And Leadership Quality.

If You Have Humanity Ownership And Leadership Quality Then Google Love You As A Employee.

Selection Process For Google Job

  1. First You Need To Do Writing Test
  2. Then You Have To Participate In Group Discussions.
  3. Then You Have To Give Technical Interview.
  4. Then You Have To Give Interview To HR.
For Preparation For Interview Learn Aptitude Questions, C, C++, JavaScript, Phyton Etc.

How Google Hire Their Employee Full Process In Detail

1. Apply To Google 
  1. Check Your Skills And Qualifications On The Basic Of Your Job You Want To Apply.
  2. Then Select A Job Which Is Suitable For Your Skills.
2. Create a Resume Which Is Focus On Your Achievements 

  1. Resume Is The First Impression For Google Of Your Personality So It Is Very Important To Fill Your Achievements In It Than Your Qualifications.
  2. Focus Your Skills And Experience In It.
  3. Also, Mention Your Projects You Have Done In Past.
  4. If You are Done Any Leadership Things Than Mention This. And Also Mention This How You Handle The Team In Your Leadership.
  5. If You Are Fresh Graduate Then Mention Your School And College Programs Project And Leadership Experiences.
  6. Keep Your Resume Short And Clear To Understand.
  7. Don't Add Additional Information Like Portfolio In It.
3. How Google Review Applications

Application Are Review By Real Humans Which Are Expert In The Job You Want In Google.
They Decide You Have The Ability Or Not For Working In Google.

And They Things You Have The Perfect Skills And Experience They Will Call You To Know More About You.

4. Phone And Hangout Interview

  1. In Phone Or Hangout Interview, You Will Speak To Manager Or Peers.
  2. For Software Engineers Interview Will Last 30 To 6o Minutes.
  3. Ask Question About Coding And Programming Languages.
  4. Be Prepare Yourself For Writing 20 To 30 Lines Of Code In Your Strongest Programming Languages During Interview.

5. Onsite Interview.

In Onsite Interview, You Meet 4 Googlers, Teammates, And Cross-Functional For 30 To 45 Minutes Each.

In This Interview, You Need To Highlighted Your Skills And Strength In 4 Different Areas.

  1. They Ask Questions Which Has No Answers To See How You React And Answer The Questions.
  2. They Ask You About Your Leadership Skills And Want To Know About Your Communication Skills And Decision-Making Skills.
  3. Then They Ask You About Your Individual Strength Which Can Differ You From Others.
  4. Then They Ask Question About How You Can Handle A-Team, Can You Push Yourself Out Of Your Comfort Zone, etc.

Interviews for software engineering and Interviews technical roles in Google

Who Google Committee and Executive Review And Hire You

After Your Interview. Independent Committee Of Googlers Review Candidate Packet Which Includes Your Score, Resume, And Skills.

Then They Give Feedback In Your Candidate Packet And Send That Packet To Senior Leader.

After That Google Has A Unique Selection Process Which Take Several Weeks For Selection.

Once Senior Leader Approve You Then Your Candidate Packet Go To Executive Review For Last And Final Review.

And Then You Get Your Offer Finally.

Final Words, 

Thanks For Reading My Articles Google Job Qualifications Guys, If This Article Is Helpful For You Than Please Share This Article To All Your Friends Who Want Job In Google. I Wish You, Will, Get A Job In Google. Best Of Luck All Bye Bye.


Thanks for reading Google Job Qualifications: 11 Things Google Expect From Thier All Employees

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