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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

How To Earn Money Online In India For Students - 60 Ways To Earn Money Online In India For Students

  Aniket Rokade       Tuesday, August 4, 2020

How To Earn Money Online In India For Students

Want To Know How To Earn Money Online In India For Students Or Best Ways To Earn Money From Home Then You Choice The Write Articles For That.

How To Earn Money Online In India For Students
How To Earn Money Online In India For Students 

Best Ways To Earn Money Online In India

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Earn Money Through Freelancing
  3. Make Money By Participating In Surveys
  4. Become A Captcha Solver
  5. Selling Photos And Images Online
  6. Become A Blogger
  7. Content Writing
  8. Become Ads Expert
  9. Affiliate Marketing
  10. Earn Money Through Stock Market Trading
  11. Earn Money Through Youtube
  12. Earn Money Through Consulting Others
  13. Social Media Influencer.
  14. Earn Money Through Buy And Sell Domains
  15. Expired Domains
  16. Earn Money Through SEO
  17. Link Building ( Off-Page SEO )
  18. Earn Money Through Selling Your Personal Products And Services
  19. Earn Money Online Through Teaching About Anything Like Online Earning 
  20. Earn Money Online Through Selling Courses 
  21. Earn Money Online Through Open A Digital Store On Shopify
  22. Amazon Mturk India
  23. Data Entry Jobs
  24. Online Form Filling 
  25. Online Gaming 
  26. Online Apps, Websites And Services Reviews, Surveys, And Searches
  27. Earn Money By Doing Tasks In Apps
  28. Virtual Assistantship
  29. Translating
  30. Web Designing
  31. PTC Sites
  32. E-Books
  33. Creating Apps Or Games
  34. Release A Digital Product
  35. Consulting Online About Dating Etc
  36. Earn Money From Google
  37. Google Opinion Rewards
  38. Search Engine Evaluator
  39. Help To Get Google Adsense Approval
  40. Create A Website And Blogs For Other
  41. Google Adwords
  42. Ethical Hacking
  43. Creating Logos For Companies
  44. Google My Business
  45. Linked Shorteners
  46. Sponsorships
  47. Selling Old Products Online
  48. Selling Social Media Accounts
  49. Websites And Blogs Selling
  50. Become A Insurance Agent
  51. Email Data Selling
  52. Email Marketing
  53. MLM
  54. Video Marketing Or Selling
  55. Selling Coupons, Deals, And Discount To A Particular Product And Services
  56. Become Online PR
  57. Sing Songs For Peoples On Their Lyrics
  58. Publishing And Writing Sponsored Posts
  59. Testing Items
  60. Mystery Shopping

How To Earn Money Online From Home

1. Become Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager
Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager Is The Person Which Handle Companies Social Media Account Like Facebook Pages, Instagram Pages, And Twitter Etc. And Get Paid For That.

Big Companies Who Earn Corers Of Rupees Are So Busy In There Works That Why They Need A Person Who Can Handle Their Social Media Account. And Update That Account Posts Daily. 

In India, There Is The Big Opportunity For Becoming The Social Media Manager. Because In Your Locality Shop Owner Have Started Using Social Media And Want To Promote Their Business Through Social Media.

If You Have Knowledge Who To Handle The Social Media Like Instagram, Facebook, And Twitter Then This Job Is For You.

You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees After Becoming The Social Media Manager Easy At Working In Your Own House.

Some Peoples In 2020 Are Started The Companies Which Handles Social Media Account Of The Companies And Earn Cores Of Rupees Yearly.

 After Reading This I Know That You Want To Become The Social Media Manager, That's Why I Write Some Essential This Which Know Before Becoming The Social Media Manager.

Following Are The Some Skills Which Are Compulsary To Become The Social Media Manager

  1. You Have To Know That Who To Promote The Company Product And Services Or Shop Owner Products And Services Through Their Social Media Account.
  2. You Have To Know That Who To Run Ads On All Social Media Account. And Generate Sells For Company Through Ads.
  3. It is also essential to have good communication skills in social media.
  4. You Also Have to Know About How-To Grow Social Media Account Organically. 
  5.  It Is Also Important That You Know Who To Create The Post And Stories Which Attract Consumers To Companies Product.
  • Initial Investments - Zero
  • Experience - Required
  • Skills - Required
  • Working Time - 4 to 5 hours in a day
  • Earning - 2 to 3 lakhs per month after a few years of working and building trust into your customers.

Steps To Become Social Media Manager

  1. First You Need To Contact With Small Businessman Or Small Shops In Your City.
  2. Then Approach Them And Tell Them About Social Media And Who Social Media Can Increase Their Sell And Consumers.
  3. In Staring Give Them A One Month Free Trial.
  4. In That Trial Period Increase Their Customers And Sells
  5. If They See Growth In Their Business And Sells Then They Definitely Hire You Work

List Of Top 15 Social Media Agencies Which Provide Social Media Manager To Companies And Earn Cores Of Rupees In World

  1. Pinstorm
  2. WAT Consult
  3. Go zoop
  4. BC Web Wise
  5. Sparrow
  6. Brainwork Technologies
  7. Media 2 Win
  8. Dentsu Webchutney
  9. New Media Guru
  10. Resultrix
  11. Sun Strategic
  12. I Cube Wire
  13. Web Maffia
  14. Poised Media
  15. Mind And Matter

2. Earn Money Through Freelancing 


Freelancing Is  The Way Of Earning In Which You Can Earn Money From Your Home With Your Skills Easy.

Freelancing Is Platform In Which We Get Work From Companies To Do A Specific Work And Charge Money We Want For Doing That Work

 If You Want Job Or Don't Want Job But In Both Cases, Freelancing Is The Best.

To Start Freelancing You Just Need To Create Account On Freelancing Websites Like Freelancer, Fiver Etc.

Freelancing Is One Of The Easiest Way Of Online Earning In India. In India Competition Of Freelancing Is Low.

That's Why 2020 Is The Best Time For Staring Freelancing And Earn Lakhs Of Rupees With Your Talent Or Skills.

  • Initial Investment - Zero
  • Experience And Skills - Required 
  • Working Time - Its Depend On Your Skill. If You Done The Work In Hour Then Work Will Finish In An Hour.
  • Earning - After 5 to 7 Years You Can Easy Earn 5 to 10 Lakhs Rupees Per Month 

Steps To Start Freelancing In India

  1. First You Need To Master A Particular Skill Or First You Have Talent Which Has Demand Like Content Writing, Web Development, Fitness Advice, Cooking, Graphics Designing, Coding, Seo Etc.
  2. Don't Vary Guys, If You Don't Have Any Skills Or Don't Have Any Talent Then You Can Learn Any Skill On Youtube In Just 30 Days Easily Life Graphics Designing, Coding, SEO, Content Writing Etc.
  3. Then Create A Account On Fiverr Or Freelancer Or Any Other Freelancing Site.
  4. In Staring Period Get Orders And Work In Very Low Price Or In Zero Price. To Get Good Reviews On-Site.
  5. In The Period In Which You Work At Very Low Price You Can Easily Learn How to Handle Customer And Which Things They Want From You.
  6. After Taking 10 to 20 orders And 10 to 20 Good Reviews Then Increase You Price Slowly Slowly
  7. And To Know More About Freelancing You Can Watch Videos On Youtube.

Best Sites To Start Freelancing

  1. Fiverr
  2. Freelancer
  3. iwriter
  4. Upwork
  6. Toptal
  7. Guru
  8. 99designs
  9. peopleperhours
  10. Craigslist

3. Make Money By Participating In Surveys

Make Money By Participating In Surveys
Make Money By Participating In Surveys

Yes, Guys, You Can Also Make Money By Participating In Surveys On The Companies In Few Minutes.

This Is One Of The Fastest Online Earning Source For Indian Peoples.

This Procedure Take Only 10 To 20 Min And Give You Money For That.

These Surveys, Companies Or Websites Take Feedbacks, And Opinions About Their Products Or Services And Collect Information About Competitors Products. And Increase Their Sells.

In This Procedure, You Only Have The Work Of Answering The Question Present On Your Mobile Or Laptop Screen.

In That Types Of Surveys, You Can Earn 1 Dollar To 20 Dollar Depending Upon Your Profile And Country.

Best Surveys Sites To Earn Money

  1. YSense
  2. Your Surveys
  3. PrizeRebel
  4. Opinion World
  5. Time Bucks
  6. Global Test Market
  7. Swag Bucks
  8. Amazon Surveys
  9. Survey Junkie
  10. Ipsos
  11. Toluna Surveys
  12. I survey World
  13. Surveys2Cash
  14. Vindale Research
  15. Zen Surveys
  16. Inbox Dollars

Steps To Make Money By Surveys

  1. Open Account On Any Above Website 
  2. Answer The Question They Give To You
  3. And Earn Money
Initial Investment - Zero
Skills And Experience - No Requirement
Working Time - 20 to 30 Min
Earning - 1 To 20 Dollar

4. Become A Captcha Solver 

Become A Captcha Solver
Become A Captcha Solver

If You Have So Much Free Time Then This Is One Of The Best And Easiest Way Of Earning For You.

In Captcha Solver Job You Just Have To Slove The Captcha On A Particular Website. For This, They Paid You Money.

For 1000 Captcha They Paid You 2$.

For This, You Need A Good EyeSight Which Easily Identifies Proper Images, Words And Numbers Flash On The Screen

Top 10 Captcha Entry Job Websites That Paid Money For Captcha Solving 

  1. Kolotibablo
  2. MegaTypers
  3. CaptchaTypers
  4. ProTypers
  5. Captcha2Cash
  6. 2Captcha
  7. Qlinkgroup
  8. VirtualBee
  9. FastTypers
  10. PixProfit
Initial Investment - Zero
Experience And Skills - No Requirement
Working Time - 1 to 2 hours
Earning - 15000 to 20000 Per Month

5. Selling Photos And Images Online

Selling Photos And Images Online
Selling Photos And Images Online

Selling Photos And Images Are One Of The Best Way Of Earn Money In India. You Can Also Use Your Smartphone For Clicking Hd And High-Quality Pictures. And Easily Make Money Online.

You Just Have To Click High-Quality Images Of Things, Dishes, Peoples, Places, Homes, Houses Etc.

And Sold Them On Photos Selling Websites At Your Own Price.

Top Sites To Sell Photos Online

  1. Shutter Stock
  2. Foto Folia
  3.  I Stock Photo
  4.  Photo bucket
Initial Investment - 0
Experience And Skills - Yes. You Need To Have Good Photography Knowledge For That
Working Time - 1 to 2 hours
Earning - 1 to 2 lakhs Per Month

6. Earn Money Through Blogging

Earn Money Through Blogging
Earn Money Through Blogging

Blogging Is The Best Way Of Earning In India Now. 

In Blogging You Have To Make A Blog Online. And Write Things You Love. And For Writing Things You Love. You Make Money.

In India, Hundreds Of Peoples Make Cores Of Rupees By Blogging.

And Blogging Is So Easy If You Learn This From A Perfect Person. 

You Can Easily Learn Blogging In 30 To 40 Days On Watching Videos On Youtube

Following Are Some Channels Which Is Best For Learning Blogging Fast In India
  1. Harsh Agrawal
  2. Pritam Nagrale
  3. Mr. Vyas
And So Many But I Trust Three Of Them Most Now.

Initial Investment - 3000 to 4000 
Skills - Required
Working Time - WhenEver You Want Or You Can Hire A Person For That.
Earning - Unlimited Or Depend On Your Work

7.Content Writing

Content Writing
Content Writing

Content Writing Is Also One Of The Fastest And Easiest Way Of Earning In The Online World.

In Content Writing, You Have To Write A Article For Any Companies, Newspapers, Blogger Etc.

And Can Charge Very High Amount For That.

Through Content Writing, You Can Earn Thousands Of Rupees Per Day Easily.

Top Sites For Staring Work As Content Writer

  1. Upwork
  2. iWriter
  3. WriterBay
  4. Freelance Writing
  5. TextBroker
  8. Fiverr
  9. Freelancer
Initial Investment - Almost Zero 
Skills - Highly Require
Working Time - 5 To 6 Hours Or Depend On Your Knowledge About Topic.
Earning - 50000 to 100000 Rupees

8. Become A Ads Expert

Become A Ads Expert
Become A Ads Expert

Guys, If You Use The Internet Service On Your Mobile You Will See Some types Of Product And Services Advertisements. 

Whenever You Search Anything Or Product Or Services On Amazon, Flipkart, Google, And On Social Media Sites Like Facebook. 

That Product Or Services Ads Are Automatic Shows In Your All Social Media Accounts And On The Whole Internet. But Can You Think Why These Ads Are Showing To You?

This Is Because of A Advertisement Expert Target You For That Ads.

Because They Know You Already Want To Buy That Product Or Services And Search For That Product And Services On The Internet.

And When You See That Product Repeatedly Then There Are The Big Chances You Can Buy That Product Through That Ads.

And When You Buy That Product From That Particular Advertisement. 

Ads Expert Get Big Commission From That And Earn Lots Of Money Daily By Doing This.

There Are Thousands Of Ads Experts In India Who Was Earning Corers Of Rupees By Doing This Or By Running Ads On Social Media Sites Or On Search Engines.

Steps To Learn How To Run Ads And Make Money Online

  1. If You Don't Know Anything About How To Run Ads And Make Corers Of Rupees Monthly. Then There Is No Need To Vary About That.
  2. Because You Can Easily Learn The Basis Things Of How To Run Ads And Make Money By Watching Videos On Youtube In Just a Few Days Easily.
  3. And After Learning Basis You Can Easily Earn Thousands Of Rupees Of Your First Day.
  4. In This Field There Is Huge Opportunity To Earn Lakhs Of Rupees But For Starting This Work You First Have The Extract Money Or Investment Which Is Not Very Important For You. Even They Lost, Your Life Is Not Affected By Losing That Money. 
Initial Investment - up to 1000 
Skills - Highly Require
Working Time - 1 hour  a day
Earning - Unlimited 

9. Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing
Earn Money From Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing Is Now One Of The Best Earning Source In Online World.

In Affiliate Marketing You Just Have To Promote A Product Link Of Any Product Of Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank Etc.

And If Anyone Purchase Or Buy That Product Or Services From That Link Then You Get Commission For That.

In India And In Whole World Peoples Are Earning Cores Of Through Affiliate Marketing.

For Affiliate Marketing You Can Use Your Social Media Sites Like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, And Whatsapp Etc.

The Best Way To Do Affiliate Marketing Is Youtube And Blogging Now.

Steps To Start Affiliate Marketing In India

  1. For Starting A Affiliate Marketing In India You First Need To Choice A Online Merchants Like Amazon, Flipkart Which Pay You High Commission For Promoting Their Product And Services.
  2. From My Point Of You Amazon Is One Of The Best Platform For Doing Affiliate Marketing.
  3. After Choosing The Platform Which Items You Want To Promote. Then Joint Their Affiliate Program.
  4. After That Start Facebook Pages, Instagram Pages, Youtube Channel, And Blog To Get Affiliate Sells.
  5. I Promise You After Working On This. In Just 1 Year You Will Start Earning Thousands Of Rupees Per Day Easily.
Investment - Zero But If You Start This With Investment You Can Earn Money Fastly.
Skills - Required Like How To Use Social Media.
Working Time - 5 To 6 Hours A Day
Earning - Unlimited

10. Stock Trading

Stock Trading
Stock Trading

Stock Trading Is One Of Best Online Earning Period Which Can Make Unlimited Money For You.

For Starting Stock Market Trading First You Have A Great Knowledge Of  Companies, Share Market, Business News Etc.

If You Know All These Things Then This Is The Best Way Of Online Earning For You.

But In This Online Earning Method, You Need So Much Money For Investment.

Steps To Start Stock Market Trading

  1. If You Want To Start Stock Market Trading Then Learn Basis Of Stock Market Trading On Youtube First.
  2. Then Purchase Paid Courses For Advance Learning.
  3. For Better Knowledge Of Business Or Companies, You Can Read Or Watch Business News On The Newspaper Or On The Youtube Easily.
  4. Then Entered In This Field. 
Investment - This Is All About Investments.
Skills - Required
Working Time - anytime you want 
Earning - Unlimited

11. Start A Niche Or Topic Base Youtube Channel

Start A Niche Or Topic Base Youtube Channel

Youtube Is One Of The Most Famous Ways Of Online Earning In India. 

We All Know About Youtube And Use Youtube In Your Daily Life.

But Can You Know Youtube Is Know One Of The Best Online Earning Source Now?

Through Youtube, You Can Make Money From Google Adsense, Sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing And By Selling Your Own Product.

Plus Through Youtube, You Get Lost Of Fame Which Gives You Thousands Of  Money Making Sources.

Steps To Start A Successful Youtube Channel 

  1. First Choice The Niche Or A Specific Topic For Channel Like Smartphone Reviews, Blogging, Earning Tips, Prank On Girlfriend Or Boyfriend.
  2. In Your Staring Period Of Youtube Make 10 To 20 Videos On Same Topics. Like, If You Make Video On Prank Then If You First Video Is On Prank On Girlfriend Then Make 10 To 20 Videos Of Prank On Girlfriend.
  3. Then Youtube Things That You Have Expertise In That Field And Promote Your Videos.
  4. Always Remember Make Video That Creates Value For Peoples. Because If They Create Value For Them Then They Become Your Subscribers.
  5. In Staring Period Don't Change Your Channel Niche Or Topics Because This Will Badly Effect Your Channel Growth.
  • Investment - Zero - You Can Start This From Your Mobile.
  • Skills - Yes. Just Start Doing This And Uploading Videos You Love. And Day Will Become The Expert In That Field.
  • Working Hours - Depend On Your Hard Work - But Generally Its Take 3 To 4 Hours A Day
  • Earning - Unlimited - If You Take Youtube As Business.

12. Become A Consultant And Make Money

Become A Consultant And Make Money

For Becoming The Consultant You Need Expertise In The Particular Field.

Consultant Is The Person Who Is The Expert In Any Field. And Give Advice To Become Success In That Field.

Consultant Is The Very Experience Guy Who Knows All Good Or Bad Things In His Field. And Know All Shortcut To Achieve Success In His Field. 

That's Why Businessman, Entrepreneurs, And Parents Take Advice From Consultant To Grow Fast In Business Or Any Other Field Like Education. 

And Consultant Charge Money For That Advice based on Their Knowledge.

Some Consultants Charge Lakhs Of Rupees For 10 to 20 Minutes Of Advice.

Steps To Become A Successful Consultant In India

  1. If You Don't Have Any Expertise In Any Field Then There Is No Need To Vary About That.
  2. Learn Somethings From Youtube.
  3. And Then Teach This To Your Students Or On Youtube. And After Doing This. In Just One Year You Will Become The Expert In That Field.
  4. And After Sometimes Peoples Automatically Contact You For Consulting Them.
  5. Then You Can Charge Them based on Your Knowledge.
Investment - Depend On Your Field
Skills - Highly Required.
Working Hours - 1 To 2 Hour
Earning - Depend On Your Knowledge. - Minimum 5000 Per Hour

13. Become Social Media Influencer 

Guys, You All Use Social Media Sites Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Tiktok Etc.

But Can You Know That This Social Media Sites Are One Of The Best Online Earning Sources?

Through Social Media, You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Monthly Just By Uploading Images, Videos Etc.

Through Social Media, You Can Earn Money By Sponsorships, Affiliate Marketing And By Selling Product Etc.

If You Upload A Pic Of Any Company Product And That Product Get 1000 Likes Then Companies And Easily Pay 1000 To You.

As Per My Experience Companies Minimum Pay 1 Rs For 1 Likes In India.

Rate Of Earning Is Generally Demand On Your Niche Or Topic Also.

In Fitness And Technology Niche Or Topic Base Page You Can Earn More Money Than Any Other Entertainment Pages.

For Becoming Social Media Influencer You Need A Social Media Pages Which Have At Least 5000+ Active Or Real Followers In India.

Steps To Become A Social Media Influencer 

  1. First Start With Anyone Social Media Like Tiktok Or Facebook.
  2. Then Upload At Least 5 To 7 Pictures And Videos Daily In Same Topic Or In the Same Niche.
  3. Don't Get Hurry, Because it Takes Some Time To Get Viral Any Image Of Video On the Internet.
  4. After 2 To 3 Month Use Can See That Your Page Is Growing Organically.
  5. Then Work Harder And Wait For Having 10000+ Followers.
  6. When You Achieve 10000+ Followers On That Account Then Through That Account Promote Your Other Accounts On Other Social Media Sites.
  7. And You See In Just 1 Year You Will Become A Successful Social Media Influencer In India.
  • Investment - You Just Need A Smartphone For That.
  • Skills - Image And Video Editing Skills Is Required.
  • Working Time - 10 to 12 hours
  • Earning - Unlimited - Some Peoples Know Earning Cores Of Rupees Through Social Media

14. Buying And Selling Domains: Domain Trading 

Buying And Selling Domains - Domain Trading

Buying And Selling Domains Is Also A Very Good Way Of Earning In India.

Because In This Field There Is Very Less Competition In India.

If You Don't Know What Is Domain. Then I Will Tell You About That

Domain Is The Address Of The Website. Example.
And Domains Trading Means Buying And Selling Domains.

In Domain Trading We Have To Purchase A Domain Name Which Has A Keyword That Has Huge Search Volume On Google Search Or Have A Keyword That Creates So Much Sell.

Because Keyword In The Domain Is The Big SEO Factor For Search Engines Like Google, Bing, Yahoo Etc.

That's Why SEO Experts Want Exact Match Domain To Start A Blog Or Website And They Will Pay You Good Amount Of Money For Purchasing That Domain.

Especially If The Domain Extension Is .com

Also Read - .in promo code godaddy

Steps To Start Domain Trading 

  1. For Domain Trading First You Have To Learn Keyword Research Technique And Seo 
  2. And For Essential Period You Need 1000 To 20000 Rupees For Investment.
  3. After That You Will Start Domain Trading.
  4. For More Information Watch Youtube Videos On Domain Trading, Buying And Selling Domains, Exact Match Domain Etc.
Investment - 1000 To 20000
Skills - Keyword Research Technique And Little Bit SEO Knowledge.
Working Time - 4 to 5 Hours 
Earning - 1 to 2 Lakhs Per Month. 

15. Expired Domains Selling ( 2nd Part Of Domain Trading )

Expired Domains Selling

Expired Domains Are The Old Domains Or Old Website But Have A Authority Because They Are Old And Have Backlinks.

So Many Buy A Good Expired Domains And Sell Them At Very High Price And Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Very Easily.

But Before You Buy Any Old Or Expired Domains You Need A Knowledge That Which Expired Domains Are Good And Which Are Bad.

You Can This On Youtube Easily.

Steps To Buy And Sell Expired Domains

  1. First You Need Some Money To Invest For Buying The Expired Domains For Example 1000 to 5000.
  2. Then Get Knowledge About Expired Domains By Watching Videos On Youtube. It Takes Just One Day And After That You Will Become The Expert Of Buying Expired Domains.
  3. Then Sell This Domains To Telegram Groups Which Is Related To Blogging, Seo And Digital Marketing Or Sell Them On Domain Selling Websites.

Top 10 Best Domain Selling Websites In India

  1. Godaddy Auction
  2. Flippa Marketplace
  3. Sedo Marketplace
  4.  NamePros Forum
  5.  NameCheap Marketplace
  6.  Efty Website
  7. eBay Marketplace
  8. BrandBucket Website
  9. Above Website
  10. SnapNames Website

16. Become A SEO Expert

Become A SEO Expert

SEO Means Search Engine Optimization. You Search On Google And Google Show You A Result For Your Query Or Demand. This All Is Happens By SEO

If You Know Who To Do SEO Then You Can Earn Alots Of Rupees In India.

Because Entrepreneur Want That His Website Rank On The Top On the Google.

And If You Know To Rank Their Website On Top Then They Will Pay Thousands Of Rupees For That.  

Steps To Becoming A SEO Expert

  1. If You Don't Know Anything About SEO Then There Is No Need To Worry For That. Because You Can Easily Learn SEO And Become The SEO Expert By Watching Youtube Videos.
  2. For Becoming The SEO Expert You First Need A Website And Social Networks.
  3. When You Have A Website Then You Can Easily Experiment On That Site. And Increase Your SEO Skills.
  4. After Learning Basic Of The SEO. Create A Youtube Channel. And Through Youtube Channel Create A Community Which Trust On You. Also, Teach Them SEO.
  5. When Companies See You Teach SEO To Peoples.
  6. Then They Contact You For Their Website SEO.
  • Investment - You Can Easily Learn This From Youtube.
  • Skills - Required.
  • Working Time - 6 to 8 hours
  • Earning - Unlimited - You Can Start A Company If You Are Expert In Seo

17. Earn From Link Building Of Website ( Off-Page SEO )

Link Building

Link Building Means Create Backlinks For Websites Or Blogs.

This Is Hard But Very Big Opportunity To Earn Lakhs Of Rupees In India.

If You to Rank Your Sites On Google Then Backlink Is One Of The Best Factor For That.

And For Creating Backlinks Websites Owner Easily Pays Thousands Of Rupees Without Thinking.

If You Learn Link Building And Get Expertise In It Then No One Can Stop You From Earning Lakhs Of Rupees Monthly.

In India, There Is Very Less Competition In This Field Now.

Steps To Learn Link Building 

  1. You If Want To Link Building You Can Learn This From Youtube And Blogging Sites Link,, Etc.
  2. It Needs So Much Practice That's Why For Essential Period Create Your Own Sites And Experiment On That To Increase Authority Of Sites Without Increasing Spam Score.
  3. When You Basic Then Start Working On Fiverr Or Freelancing Sites At Low Prices.
  • Investment - You Can This With Zero Investment But If You Investment Something Then It Will Get Easily For You.
  • Skills - Required Like Guest Posting, Profile Creation On All Social Media Sites Etc.
  • Working Time - 6 To 8 hours
  • Earning - 1 to 5 lakhs easily.

18. Selling Your Personal Products On Sites Like Amazon FBA And Flipkart.

Selling Your Personal Products

Selling Your Product Online Is Now Very Very Easy. You Just Have To Joint E-commerce Sites Link Amazon FBA And Flipkart.

And Easily Sell Your Product All Your The World And Easily Increase Your Sells So Much.

When In This Process You Don't Have To Pay For Delivery To Customer. Amazon Done This For You Every Time. Even They Packs Product At Their Own.

You Just Have To Registered On Their Platform.

Steps To Sells Product Online 

  1. First Steps Is To Find A Product Which Has Huge Demand And Low Competition At Online Platforms.  Or Create A Unique Product.
  2. Then Just Joint Amazon FBA Or Any Other E-commerce Site Then Registered Your Product.
  3. And For More Information Watch Video On Youtube.
  • Investment.- This Is Generally Depend On Your Product.
  • Skills - Not Required Any One Can Do This Easily.
  • Working Time - 2 to 3 Hours
  • Earning - 1000 to 5 lakhs Per Monthly Depend On Your Niche.

19. Teach Online 

Teach Online

If You Are Expert In Anything Or If You Have Any Talent Then Teach This Online And Make Money Online.

There Are So Many Platforms Available On The Internet Like Youtube And Udemy Were You Can Teach Online And Paid For That.

Through Online Teaching You Also Get Fame On That Platforms Easily.

Peoples Spend Lakhs Of Rupees On Education Or To Learn The Skills That's Why If You Want To Teach Then Online Teaching Is The Best Option For You.

In World Peoples Earn 5 to 10 lakhs+ Rupees Monthly By Teaching Online.

Steps To Teach Online

  1. First Create A Account On Teaching Platforms Like Udemy And Youtube Etc.
  2. Then Start Making Videos And Upload Them To Youtube.
  3. All Ways Remember That Start Teaching Only On One Particular Topic Otherwise You Will Never Be Successful In That Industry.
  • Investment - Depend On Your Topic
  • Skills - Highly Required
  • Working Time - When Ever You Want
  • Earning - 5 to 10 lakhs per month

20. Sell Online Courses

Sell Online Courses

If You Don't Want To Teach Anyone Daily Then Create A Course Which Is Very Valuable For Other And Sells Them Online Or On Udemy. 

Almost All Youtubers In India And All Over The World Peoples Earn Cores Of Rupees By Selling Their Courses Online.

If You Have Talent And That Talent Create Value In Peoples Life Then This Is Best Online Earning Opportunity For You.

Steps To Sell Online Courses

  1. First You Need A Talent Or Skill Which Make Value In Others Life.
  2. Generally In Modern Times, If You Know Anything That Makes Money Then Your Course Is Valuable For Them.
  3. After Finding Your Talent That Makes Money For People Then Start Creating Videos On It.
  4. Then Create  A Free Demo Video Course First Which Is So Informative And Makes People To Buy Your Paid Course.
  5. And For This Use All Social Media Sites.

Best Websites To Sell Online Courses

  1. Udemy
  2. Teachable
  3. Podia
  4. Thinkific
  5. Academy of Mine
  6. Teachery
  7. Ruzuku
  8. Kajabi
  9. Flora LMS
  10. WizIQ
  11. LearnWorlds
  12. LearnDash
  13. SkillShare
  • Investment - Depend On Your Skills
  • Skills - Required - This Is All About Your Skills
  • Working Time - One Time Work Than You Can Earn Money Lifetime From That.
  • Earning - Unlimited - Some Peoples Are Earning Cores Of Rupees By Selling Online Courses.

21. Create A Digital Store On Shopify

Create A Digital Store

This Is Now The Best Option For Online Earning If You Have A Investment.

Through Shopify, You Can Earn Cores Of Rupees In India.

There Is So Less Competition In India On Shopify.

In This Store, You Don't Need A Product Of Yours Or Don't Need To Buy Any Product.

You Just Need To Add Product From Amazon, Flipkart, Clickbank Or From Any Other E-commerce Sites You Want.

Steps To Start Shopify Store

  1. First Choice A Niche Which Is Highly Profitable And Has Low Ads Competition.
  2. Then Sign Up For Shopify14 Day Free Trial And Learn How Its Work.
  3. Choose A Theme Which Is Mobile-Friendly Because Most Of The Users Are Now Use Mobile Than PC Or Laptop.
  4. Then Setup Your Store. Its Logo, Banners, Pages, Etc.
  5. And Always Write Articles Which Have 5000+ If You Want Successful.
  • Investment - 10000 To 30000 In Initial Period.
  • Skills - How To Run Google Ads Is Most Important Skill For Getting Success In That Field.
  • Working Hours - 3 to 4 Hours - And Also Depend On How Much You Want To Earn Or Invest.
  • Earning - 10000 To 10 Lakhs.

22. Amazon Mturk India

Amazon Mturk India Is The Platform Where You Get A Work That Currently Robots, Machines, And Softwares Cannot Do Like Identifying Images And Videos, Writing About Any Products, Writing About Descriptions, Answering Questions Etc.

Amazon Mturk Is The Site Were You Get Micro Or Small Works For Short Period Of Time To Save Companies And Business Time.

Amazon Mturk Pay You 100 To 150 Rs For Per Hour Work Easily.

Steps To Joint Amazon Mturk 

  1. Go On Google And Search Amazon Mturk
  2. Then The Appears On The Top.
  3. Click On That And Create Account.
  4. And For More Information Watch Youtube Videos On It. 
Investment - Zero 
Skill - Required According To Companies
Working Time - 1 Hour 
Earning - 100 To 150 Per Hour

23. Data Entry In India

Data Entry Is Also A Very Good Idea For Online Earning In India.

We All Know That India Store There Data And Information In Document Or Physical Forms.

And To Maintain This They Spend Alots Of Money Every Year.

And That's Why They Now Wanted To Store This Data In Digital Form Or In Computer.

To Store, This Physical Data Into Digital Form Is Called Data Entry Jobs.

Best Websites To Get Data Entry Jobs In India

  1. Internet
  2. Captcha Entry Sites
  3. Fiverr
  4. Elance
  5. Upwork
  6. Micro Job Sites
  • Investment - Zero, You Just Need To Create Account On Data Entry Platforms.
  • Skill - Typing Required
  • Working Time - Depend On Your Speed Of Typing
  • Earning - Depend On Your Work.

24. Online Form Filling

Online Form Filling Is One Of The Easiest Job In India.

There Are So Many Fake Websites Which Provide You Form Filling Jobs And Don't Pay You In India.

But There Are Some Original Sites Are Also Present You Have To Just Find That.

In This Job, You Can Earn Daily 700 To 1000 Rupees After 1 2 year experience.

  • Investment - No Investment Required
  • Skill - No Skills Required, You Just Have To Copy Paste The Real Information Of Person.
  • Working Time - 4 To 6 Hours.
  • Earning - 20000 To 30000 Per Month

25. Online Gaming

Online Gaming Is Now The Newest Way Of Online Earning In India.

In Modern Times, Children's, Students, Young People, And Old Peoples In India Are Now Earning Through By Playing Game.

In This Way Of Online Earning, You Will Earn Money By Enjoying Games.

There Are Various Games In India Now Which Pay You Lots Of Money For Playing Games.

Best Games To Earn Money Online In India

  1. Dream11
  2. QuizWin
  3. Ace2Three
  4. Rummy Circle
  5. My11Circle
  6. 8 Ball Pool
  7. Loco
  8. Poker Baazi
  9. Qureka
  10. Paytm First Games
  11. Swagbucks
  12. InboxDollars
  13. Point Club
  14. Bingo Mania
  15. Pogo
  16. Gamesville
  17. Paid Game Player
  18. Second life
  19. Clip 2Play
  20. GSN Cash Games
Investment - Zero. You Just Have To Install And Play Games.
Skill - Good Gaming Skill Highly Required.
Working Time - 2 to 3 Your Plus Lots Of Enjoyment.
Earning - Depend On Your Gaming Skills.

26. Apps Reviews ( Earn Money By  Reviewing New Apps For Companies. )

This Is Also A Easy Way Of Making Money Online In India. 

You Just Have To Review The Apps Of Companies And Give Opinions And Suggestion To Improve It.

If You Face Any Problem Whether It Is Big Or Small Tell Them To The Company That They Pay Money For This To You. 

For More Information Watch Youtube Videos.

27. Tasks Base Apps.

This Types Of Apps Give You Tasks Like Download This App, Watch Videos, Subscribe The Channel Etc. And Paid Money To You For That.

If You Have So Little Time To Earn Extra Money Than This Is A Good Way Of Earning For You.

Best Apps To Earn Money By Doing Easy Tasks

  • Money App
  • iPoll
  • Foap
  • Fluid Market
  • Swagbucks
  • Slidejoy
  • Bookscouter
  • Toluna
  • Userfeel
  • Musely
  • Cash pirate
  • Whaff 
  • Crownit (Indian)
  • Pocket money
  • Earn Talktime
  • Bigtime (Game) 
  • Cash mine
  • Grab points
  • App karma
  • Feature points

28. Virtual Assistantship

Virtual Assistant Is The Person Which Do Work From Home For Businesses And Companies Like E-mail Marketing, Social Media Marketing Etc.

In Modern Times, There Is The Huge Demand For Virtual Assistant In All Over The World.

Companies Need Virtual Assistants To Promote Or Do Work From Them.

Virtual Assistant Is Not The Employee Of The Company He/She Just Do A Particular Work For Companies For Particular Period Of Time And Get Paid For That.

In This Field, You Can Earn 1$ To 100$ Per Hour Easily And So More Also.

Top Sites To Do Virtual Assistant Job In India

  1. Fiverr
  2. Magic
  3. Virtalent
  4. Fancy Hands
  5. Virtual Staff Finder
  6. Time Etc
  7. 24/7 Virtual Assistant
  8. MyOutDesk
  9. Hello Rache
  10. Upwork
  • Investment - You Just Need A Talent And Skill For Staring This.
  • Skills - Marketing, Promotion, Running Ads And Good Writing Skills
  • Working Time - 1 to 2 Hours
  • Earning - 30000 To 50000 Rupees.

29. Translating

Translating Is The Easiest Way To Earn Money Online By My Point Of You.

In This, You Need To Know Two Or Three languages.

For Translating The Articles Companies And Bloggers Pay You 500 To 1000 Rupees For Per 1000 Words So Easily.

From My Point Of You, Anyone In India Can Do This Job Easy If They Know Writing Or Little Bit Educated.

Top Website For Working Translating Work And Pay You Real Money.

  1. Upwork
  2. Fiverr
  4. Smartcat
  • Investment - Just Need To Know Languages.
  • Skill - Good Writing Skills Highly Required.
  • Working Time - Depend On Your Typing Speed.
  • Earning - 30000 To 50000.

30. Web Designing

Web Designing Is Process Of Creating Website Layout, Structure, Design Etc. Using Coding Languages Like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, And Python Etc.

Web Designing Is Very Easy To Learn Now, You Can Learn Web Designing In 4 To 5 Months Easily On And On Youtube Videos.

According To Reports, In India, The Demand Of Web Designers Is Increases By 23% In 2024.

That Why Scope In The Field Is Very Good. 

In India, The Minimum Salary For Web Designer Is 15000 To 20000.

But You Don't Need To Do Job Because You Can Do Web Designing On Fiver Or On Other Freelancing Sites And Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Monthly.

Best Sites To Get Web Designing Work And Earn Lakhs Of Rupees.

  1. Fiver.
  2. Upwork

  • Investment - You Can Learn Web Designing Without Investing On And Youtube Easily.
  • Skills - Coding, HTML, CSS, JavaScript And Python. 
  • Working Time - Depend On Your Skills
  • Earning - 50000 To 1 Lakhs.

31. PTC Websites 

PTC Websites Are Also One Of The Ways Of Online Earning.

In This Websites You Have To Click On Advertisements Or Watch Advertisements.

For Clicking Ads The Pay You Good Amount Of Money.

But On the Internet There Are So Many Fake Sites Are Available Which Don't Pay You And Mislead You.

Top Real PTC Websites 

  1. ClixSense 
  2. PrizeRebel
  3. NeoBux
  4. InboxDollar
  • Investment - No Need To Investment Just Need To Create Account On Sites.
  • Skills - Not Required.
  • Working Time - 1 To 2 Hours.
  • Earning - Depends.

32. Creating E-Books 

E-Books Are The One Time Investment Online Earning Course. 

E-Book Is The Digital Book Present In The Form Of PDF Or Document.

You Just Need To Create It And Then You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees From Its For Lifetime.

You Just Need A Great Writing Skill And Knowledge About Particular Topic.

Thousands Of People Are Now Earning Lakhs Of Rupees By Doing This Work.

  • Investment - One Time Investment Required
  • Skills - Writing Skills Are Highly Required
  • Working - Depend On You
  • Earning - Unlimited

33. Creating Apps And Games

Creating Apps And Games Are Also A Big Online Earning Source For Indian Peoples Because There Is Low Competition In This Field Now.

There Are So Many Peoples In India Who Are Earning Lakhs Of Rupees Per Month By There Normal Apps.

In Modern Times, You Don't Need To Know Programming Languages Or Coding To Create A Great Apps.

You Just Need A Software Like Andriod Studio Etc. 

In This Apps, You Just Have To Give Some Commands And Instructions.

And You Will Able To Create A Great App.

And You Will Ready To Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Per Month.

For More Information Watch Youtube Videos.....

Investment - Little Bit Investment And Great Idea Is Required.

Skills - Basic Of Coding, And Computer Operating Knowledge.
Working Time - It Depend On Your Idea.
Earning - Unlimited If Your Game And Apps Are Great.

 34. Releasing A Digital Product 

Releasing A Digital Product Is Know The Latest Earning Source Of Online.

You Just Need A Digital Product Like Softwares, E-Books, And Apps Etc. For Selling.

It Is The One Time Investment.

Through This, You Can Create A Passive Income Source For Lifetime Easily If You Have Selling Abilities.

Through Digital Products Selling You Can Earn Unlimited Amount Of Money You Ever Seen.

  • Investment - One Time Investment - Low Investment 
  • Skills - We Can Also Create Product From Other Person That Why If You Have Money Than You Don't Need Skills.
  • Working Time - Depend On Idea.
  • Earning - Unlimited...

35. Giving Tips Online Like Dating Or Fitness On Various Platform

If You Have Any Expertise Then You Can Give Tips To Others And Get For That.

In This Social Media World Peoples Are So Unsocial That's Why They Have Lack Of Confidence.

If You Are Confident Guy Then You Can Teach Them How To Increase Confidence And Get Paid for That.

Or How To Talk With Girls Confidently.

Or You Can Give Them A Fitness Tips And Get Paid For That.

36. Earn Money From Google 

Google Is Now The Biggest Platform To Earn Money.

Google Give You Lots Of Opportunities To Earn Money Online Like Youtube, Blogger,  Search Engine Optimization, Google Rewards, Google Adsense, Google Adwords Etc. At Free Of Cost.

If You Try This Google Platforms Then You Definitely Make Money Online In Year.

Top Ways To Earn Money From Google 

  1. Google Adsense
  2. Google Ad Word
  3. Google Admob
  4. Youtube
  5. Blogger - Blogspot - Free Hosting
  6. Google Play Store To Sell Apps And Games
  7. Google Pay 
  8. Google Keyword Planner - For Running Cheap Ads And Earn Money
  9. Search Engine Evaluation
  10. Google Opinion Rewards
  11. Google Map

37. Google Opinion Rewards

The Easiest Job Google Give You And You Can Do This At Home Is Google Opinion Rewards.

In This, You Just Have To Give A Opinion On A Particular Topic And Google Pay You For That.

Google Opinion Reward Pay You 10 Rs For Per Survey And Opinion. 

If You Are Still Interested Then Download This App On Play Store And Earn Money In Minutes.

38. Search Engine Evaluator

Search Engine Evaluator Is The Job In Google In Which You Have To Analyze  Search Results Shows On Google Are Accurate And Relevant Or Not.

Search Engine Evaluator Is Work From Home Job Which Pay You Money For Per Hour Work.

Google Call This Job A Ads And Search Quality Rater.

This Is One Of The Best Work From Home Google Job.

You Can Earn 12$ To 16$ Per Hour Easy By Doing Search Engine Evaluator.

39. Help To Get Google Adsense Approval On Website And Earn Money

Google Adsense Is One Of The Biggest Online Earning Source In World  Now.

Peoples In World Now Earning Lakhs And Lakhs Rupees Daily By Using Google Adsense.

It Is The Biggest Way Of Monetization In World Now.

Youtube And Blogger Are Now Generally Monetize By Google Adsense In All Over The World.

But Some Of Them Don't Know How To Get Adsense Approval On Websites And Blogs.

 That Why Thousands Of People Help Them To Get Approval On Adsense And Charge Thousands Of Rupees For Per Website.

You Can Also Start A Company To Help Peoples Who Are Not Getting Adsense Approval.

40. Create Websites And Blogs For Other And Earn Money

Creating Websites And Blogs Are So Easy Now.

You Can Create Any Type Of Website With In A Day Easily. And Charge 10000 To 20000 For Its Easy. 

For This, You Have To Know How To Create A Blog Or Website Which You Can Easily Learn On Youtube And Also Master It Like A Pro.

In India, Peoples Want To Start Their Business And For Business They Websites. 

Today A Small Little Shop Owner Also Want Website To Promote Their Business Online.

41. Google Adwords

If You Know How To Use Google Adword Then You Can Earn Cores Of Rupees Monthly.

Google Adword Is The Tool To Run Ads On Many Websites.

Their Many Ways Are Present To Earn From Google Adwords Like,

  1. Promote Any High Commission Product On Amazon And Get Affiliate Commission From It.
  2. Selling Your Own Product And Services On the Internet.
  3. Run Ads For Companies Or Others Without Investment And Earn Money.

42. Ethical Hacking Jobs

Ethical Hacking Job Is The Legal Hacking Job. In This, You Just Need To Find Any Weakness In Softwares, Apps, Websites Etc.

 And For That Online And E-Commerce Companies Pay You Cores Of Rupees Easily.

In India There Are Many Institutes To Learn Ethical Hacking But In My Point Of View, Udemy Is The Best Platform To Learn Ethical Hacking. 

43. Creating Logos And Banner

If You Know-How To Create Logos And Banners For Youtube And Websites Then This Is The Best Online Earning Option For You In India.

There Are Many Softwares, Apps, And Websites Which Is Helpful In Creating Logos And Banner In Few Minutes Like Canva, Thehoth Etc.

You Just Need 1 To 2 Week Practice And Then You Will Ready For Earning Lakhs Of Rupees Monthly.

44. Google My Business

Google My Business Is Very Helpful To Increase You Sell If You Have Local Business In Your Area.

Through Google My Business You Can Get Online Presence On Google Search And Google Map.

Peoples Can Search Your Shop Name And Find All Information About Your Shop Like Numbers, Address Etc With In A Second. And Increase Your Sell Many Times.

If You Don't Have Any Business Then Don't Need To Worry About It. You Still Can Earn Money From Google My Business.

You Just Have To Learn How Google My Business Work. Trust Me It Is So Easy.

And Then You Can Charge Money To Local Shop Owner For Creating Accounts In Google My Business.

45. Link Shorteners  

This Is Also A Great Platform For Online Earning. 

In This, You Just Need A Link Of Any Things Like Websites, Apps, Products Etc Which Peoples Want.

Then Get This Link And Go To Any Link Shorteners Website Like Adfly.

Enter The Link. And Then A New Link Appear.

This Link Is Many Making Link For You. 

Because If Any Link On This Link Then You Get Money For That.

For More Information Watch Youtube Videos. 

46. Sponsorships 

Sponsorship Is Now The One Of The Main Earning Source For Online Platform.

You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Monthly By Getting Sponsorships.

But For That, You Need A Platform Like Social Media Pages,  Blogs, Websites, And Youtube Channel.

By My Point Of View Youtube And Instagram Is The Best Platform To Get Sponsorships Easily And Earn Money Online.

47. Sell Old Products And Things

Selling Old Is Also A One Of The Online Earning Option In India.

Because In Indian The Demand Of Second-Hand Product  Is More Than New Products.

You Can Sell Your Old Products And Items On Olx And Quicker Easily Just After Creating A Account On It.

And Can Earn Money Through The Items Or Products Which Are Not Useful For You.

You Can Also Earn Money By Selling Other Peoples Products By Their Permission And Get Commission For That.

48. Selling Social Media Pages And Accounts

This Is A Very Good Way Of Online Earning In India Because Peoples Pay Thousand Of Rupees To Buy A Well Build Social Media Accounts Which Have 5000+ Active Followers.

We Know That We Can Earn Thousand And Lakhs Of Rupees Through Social Media Pages And Accounts.

That's Why Many Peoples Want A Social Media Pages Which Has Many Active And Real Followers.

In India, You Can Easily Sell A Social Media Page Like Instagram Which Has 10000+ Followers At 5000 To 10000 Rupees.

If Your Niche Is Health And Fitness Then You Can Sell It In High Price Also.

But For This, You Have To Know About How To Increase Followers On Social Media Which You Can Learn Easily On Youtube Videos.

49. Websites And Blog Selling

This Is Also A Great Way Of Online Earning Because You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Through Website And Blog Selling.

But For Earning Lakhs Of Rupees From Websites And Blogs Selling You First Have To Build A Good Quality And High Authority Websites.

Your Websites Price Is Generally Depend On Your Tariff, Quality Content Articles, And High Authority Of Pages.

In India, Many Sell Their Websites And Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Monthly Easily On Flippa, Empire flippers, Go Daddy Auctions Etc.

50. Become A Insurance Agent

For This You Just Have To Joint A Insurance Company.

And Then You Can Promote There Insurance Policies On Social Media And Other Online Platform. 

And Can Get Good Amount Of Commission From It.

51. Email Data Selling 

Email Selling Are Very Good And Easy Way Of Online Earning.

In This, You Have To Collect Emails Of Peoples Who Are Interested In Particular Topic And Niche.

Then You Can Sell This Emails To The Companies Which Sell Products And Services Related To That Topics And Niche.

And Earn Thousands Of Rupees.

52. Email Marketing

Email Marketing Is A Very Good Idea Of Online Earning If You Have Emails Of Peoples Which Are Interested In Your Product And Services.

Big Companies Increase Their Sells Through Email marketing. 

Email Marketing Have The Power To Earn Cores Of Rupees If You Know How To Do It Probably. 

You Can Email Marketing Through Youtube Videos Easily And If You Want To Become The Pro Email Marketer Then Buy A Email Marketing Course Of Any Expert. 

53. MLM - Multi-Level Marketing - ( Network Marketing ) 

Network Marketing Is A Great Way Of Earning In India.

Thousands Of Are Doing This In India And Earn Lakhs Of Rupees.

And Thousand Of Peoples Loses Their thousands Of Rupees In It.

But If You Know Basic Blogging And Seo Then You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees By Doing This Online.

Just Make Your Company Product Site And Add Your Mobile Number In It. 

And Rank Your Site In Your Company Site Place.

Then You Can Earn Lakhs Of Rupees Through Doing This.

54. Video Marketing Or Video Creation For Others

Video Marketing Is Also A Very Good Online Earning Option.

Now All Companies And Business Owner Want Their Youtube Channels But They Don't Able To Create Videos.

They Want To Hire A Person Who Creates Video For Them. 

And Trust Me They Will Pay You Good Amount Of Money For Per Video You Produce. If You Good At It.

But Through Video Marketing You Will Get Fame Which Is More Valuable Than Money.

55. Selling Coupons, Deals, And Discount To A Particular Product And Services

This Is One Of The Most Profitable Business In Which You Can Make Huge Money With Small Audience.

In This There Is No Need To Have Lakhs Of Consumer Or Audience. 

You Just Need 20 To 30 Peoples To Make Lakhs Of Rupees.

If You Joint Perfect Affiliate Program Like Hosting And Domains Affiliate.

56. Become Online PR

PR Means Prior to Public Relations.

Online PR Handle All Companies Work Related To Online Communication Like 

  • Writing Articles, 
  • Create Backlinks, 
  • Create Networking With Journalists And Editor To Increase Authority Of Websites And Companies,
  • Publishing Press Releases

If You Still Interested In Digital PR Job Then I Want To Tell You That You Can Earn 50000 To 1 Lakhs Per Month By Doing This. After Some Year Of Experience.

57. Sing Songs For Peoples On Their Lyrics

In World And In India Peoples Sing Songs On Other Peoples Lyrics And Earn Thousands Of Rupees Monthly.

For This, You Can Joint Fiver And Freelancer. 

Many Peoples Charge Minimum 2000 To 20000 For Per Song In Their Voice On Fiver.

58. Publishing And Writing Sponsored Posts

Writing Or Publishing Sponsored Post Is A Very Good Idea Of Online Earning For Your Blogs.

Through Sponsored Posts Bloggers Easily Earn 7000 To 10000 Per Day In India.

If Your Blog Have Great Authority Pages And Quality Content.

59. Testing Items

Any Product And Services Before Coming To Market Goes For Review To The Tester Who Tests The Items Ability And Good, Bad Things In It.

For This Companies Pay Them And Also Give Them Free Service Of Their Products And Items.

60. Mystery Shopping

We All Do Shopping But Some Peoples Want To Buy Goods And Services Secretly.

For This They Use Mystery Shopping.

In This, You Just Have To Buy Good And Services On Behalf Of Others Without Affecting Their Private Information.

FAQ Related To How To Earn Money Online In India

How can I earn money online without paying in India

Without Paying In India.
Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online In India -
1. Youtube 2. Social Media Pages 3. Affiliate Marketing 4. Blogging 5. Freelancing 6. Creating Online Store Like Shopify 7. Selling Online Courses. 8. Creating Apps And Websites For Others 9. Review Apps And Products 10. Become Social Media Manager.

How can I make real money online?

Here Are The Real Ways To Make Money Online 
1. Blogging 2. Freelancing 3. Social Media Pages Selling 4. Link Building And Seo 5. Virtual Assistant 6. Translating Languages 7. Online Tutions And Classes

How can I make money online in 2020?

In 2020 Best Online Earning Option Are Blogging, Seo, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media, Freelancing And At Last Youtube.

How can I earn money online as a student?

If You Are The Student Then The Best Way Of Earning For You Is Become A Social Media Manager, Social Media Influencer, Blogging, Freelancing, And Youtube.

How can I earn money instantly in India?

If You Want Instant Money Making Option In India Then Freelancing, Consulting, Affiliate Marketing, Selling Domains, Seo, Writing Guest Post, Apps, And Websites Reviews, Google Opinion Rewards, Online Gaming, Creating Websites, Translation, Data Entry Are Best.

How can a student earn money sitting at home in India?

If You Are A Student And Want To Earn Money At Home Then Youtube, Blogging, Freelancing, Social Media, Affiliate Marketing, Online Tutions, And Classes, Video Making, And Selling, Reviews, Searches And Surveys Of Apps Websites And Products, Are Best

How can I earn pocket money online in India?

Best Earning Option For Pocket Money In India Are Writing Articles For Blog, Youtube, Blogging, Selling Photos Online On Pixabay And Pixels, Social Media Influencer, Social Media Manager

how to earn money online with google

1. Youtube 2. Blogging 3. Google Opinion Rewards 4. Google Ad Word 4. Google Adsense 5. Google Ad Mod 6. Google My Business 7. Search Engine Evaluator.

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