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21 Best Place To Buy Expired Domains ( Full Guide 2020 )

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Want to know about the best place to buy expired domains and where to buy expired domain names? then you are in the right place.

I will tell you the best websites to buy expired domains today.
  1. Expired Domains
  2. GoDaddy Auctions
  3. DomCop
  4. Flippa Domain Auctions
  5. NameJet
  6. FreshDrop
  7. Snap Names
  8. 1 and 1 Domain Search
  9. NameCheap Domains
  10. Domain Hunter Gatherer
  11. Domain Coasters
  12. DynaDot
  13. Moonsy
  15. Expired Domains Leuth
  16. Domain Peel
  17. Domain Hole
  18. Domain Monster

Where To Buy Expired Domain Names

Here are the websites I personally use to find the best-expired domain with high da pa and thousand of backlinks.


Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

If you want a find an expired domain free of cost then this website is best for you.

I am using this site for the last 2 years and find almost 100+ expired domains with 25+ Da 45+ Pa With Thousands of quality backlinks. 

And sold all of them at a very high price to different bloggers.

And also using these domains to rank on a google search by creating a blog.

2. GoDaddy Auctions

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions are the best place if you want to buy expired domains.

Because they provide expired domains easily.

 If you don't want to find it domains like then it is the best place for you to get expired domains fastly.

you just need to search the domain name or keywords or topic name and you get your relevant expired domains.

3. DomCop

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Domcop is the easiest and simplest way to find expired domains. 

They provide you all detail which is important for buying expired domains like Da Pa, Domain Age, Moz Rank, Alexa Rank, Similar Web tariff detail Etc Through That you can find your expired domains within a minute.

Domcop has 20M+ expired domains for you in 31+ different domain extensions.

4. Flippa Domain Auctions

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Flippa Domain Auctions

Flippa is also one of the best platforms for buying and selling expired domain names like GoDaddy auction.

Flippa also sells apps, websites, and blogs.

Generally, Flippa provides working domains, apps websites, and blogs to you as compared to other expired domains platforms.

Flippa is the platform where you get premium sellers and domains.

If you want premium domains and websites than flippa is the best platform for you.

5. NameJet

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Namejet is the premium domain marketplace where you can get expired domains that are founded by experts.

Namejet has great software that easily provides you the expired domains which are just expired or deleted.

Namejet is popular for finding a domain which is nearly expired. 

In Namejet you get five major categories of domains like Hot picks, Last Chance, Open Auctions, The Drop, and Namejet Exclusive.

1. Hot picks - 

In this section, you get an expired domain that is founded by experts.

But for these domains, they charged some extra amount of money from you. 

But they provide the best SEO friendly domains in that section.

2. Last Chance -

In this section, you get domain names that are coming soon for auction. And you can bid for those domains before it going for auction. with the use of this section.

3. Open Auctions -

In Open Auctions, you get a domain that is available for auction or bid but for a very small period of time. 

In this section, you get all closing soon domains and which are ready for your deal.

4. The Drop - 

In this section, you get domains that are going to deleted or going out of stock for a temporary base of time.

5. - NameJet Exclusive - 

In this section, you get domains that are only available for sale in 

6. FreshDrop - 

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

FreshDrop is the biggest marketplace for buying expired and deleted domain names. 

In Freshdrop 3.7 million+ domains are now available in their database in 2020. That means you have a huge amount of expired domains for selecting the best and suitable expired domain related to your niche. 

FreshDrop is very easy for finding expired domain because FreshDrop provides all details about domains age, Majestic Seo Metrics, Moz Rank, DA, PA, DR, PR, numbers of backlinks, etc. 

So if you use FreshDrop to find an expired domain you don't need to spend time on checking the power and backlinks of domains.

7. Snap Names

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Snap Names

SnapNames are one of the leader's names of the domain selling industry.

They provide you 30 Million+ domains and you just have to select which domain you want and bid.

SnapNames also provide Backorder Domain Facility. That means they provide domain names which expected to be available in the future.

SnapNames provide facilities for buying and selling domains, buying and selling expired domains, backorder domains, premium domains auctions, etc.

8. ( 1 and 1 Domain Search )

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

IONOS is firstly known as 1 and 1 but now they change their brand name.

Generally, IONOS is known for its hosting services but IONOS ( 1 and 1 ) is also best for buying expired domains. 

This is the USA company. and operate their all works from the US. 

IONOS Generally wait for the renewal for domains but if consumers don't renew the domain after 30 days of its expiry date then they sold that domain at auction at a very cheap price.

That's is why IONOS is a very good place for buying recently expired domains. 

IONOS also provides some great features like - 

  1. Email For The Owner
  2. Unlimited Subdomains Service
  3. Private Registration For Free
Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
NameCheap Domains

We all know about for their cheap price domain services but very few peoples know that they provide expired domains also.

Namecheap has the domains auction for expired domains.

NameCheap Domains Auctions is like the GoDaddy and Flippa Auctions.

NameCheap is the cheapest way to buy expired domains where you can negotiate for a cheap price expired domain.

They generally provide premium domain names that have the ability to make the brand name for you.

In Namecheap auction, you get filters like Categories, Price, and content which are helpful for getting budget-friendly expired domains.

10. Domain Hunter Gatherer

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Domain Hunter Gatherer

Domain Hunter Gatherer is the platform where you can easily find branded domains from all the auctions of expired domains like GoDaddy auction, Flippa Auction, etc. at the same place.

Through Domain Hunter Gatherer you can register any expired domain on GoDaddy auction, Flippa auction, etc at few clicks.

They have advanced search software which through you can find the best-expired domain for your niche at a few clicks.

Their software is like crazy for use and best for finding expired domains and web 2.0 properties.

They have 3 plans for you first is Totally Free, second is Premium, third is professional.

Many experts of the industry you this platform for finding expired domains within seconds.

With the help of domain hunter-gatherer you can -

  • Find thousands of expired domains within seconds.
  • Find unlimited domain with high da pa and quality backlinks.
  • Find your niche related keyword expired domain easily.

11. Domain Coasters

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Domain Coasters

Domain Coasters is one of the top expired domains finders. If you want to find and buy expired domains within a second then this website is best.

 In Domain Coasters you get 3 packages -

  1. Expired Domains
  2. Premium Domains
  3. Domain Packages

Domain Coasters has a very simple and best interface. 

In Domain Coasters you can easily see the domain DA, PA, Price And Backlinks through Ahref at one click.

In this website, you can easily get the best-expired domains at under 100$.

12. DynaDot

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Dynadot is also one of the biggest expired domains providers in the domain auctions industry.

In this platform, you can bid and grab domain before they expired easily.

They also provide a wishlist facility to buy expired domains.

13. Moonsy

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains

Moonsy is one of the oldest expired domains websites which provides expired domains from 2013.

Moonsy finds the best-expired domains in GoDaddy auction and lists them in their expired domains section.

All the expired domains in moonsy are best because the domains are chosen by experts of moonsy. 

With the use of moonsy, you can find the best domain in GoDaddy Auction in seconds and then you can sell the domain at a high price to anyone else.


Best Place To Buy Expired Domains is also a place where you can find some best-expired domains at a few clicks. provides you best selected expired domains list.

And you can buy an expired domain you want easily by the checkout process.

This is the USA Company and has very good feedback.

15. Expired Domains Leuth

Expired Domains Leuth provide you a tool to find the best-expired domains for you.

They update their expired domains database hourly.

16. Domain Peel

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Domain Peel is the place where you find spam free expired domains that are not affected by any spamming links or activities.

They provide three different types of services to you -

  1. Expired Domains Service
  2. Free Expired Domains Service
  3. Pro Membership


17. Domain Hole

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Domain Hole is also one of the perfect and best ways to find great expired domains for your business.

This site provides you various filters which makes your work very fast and easy.

They provide you top-level domains list of expired domains that have high da pa And you just have to choose the best and perfect domain for you.

They update this list every day and terminate those domains which are less premium or which has low quality.

And they also provide necessary expired domains search features and filters like other expired domains selling websites.

18. Domain Monster

Best Place To Buy Expired Domains
Domain Monster

This website provides various facilities like back ordering the domains and also teaches you how to back order the expired domain you want.

Domain Monster provides almost all types of services which is important for domain and expired domain registrations.

When you selected any domain for purchase domain monster provide you all information about that domain and if the expired domain is not available then they provide you information about how to get this domain and how to backorder it fast.


Best Place To Buy Expired Domains is one of the expired domain sellers which provide you gTLDs, nTLDs, And ccTLDs Expired Domains at few clicks.

They provide expired domain suggestions in 11 different languages.

And also provide service in which you can find the domains which are going to expire very soon and grab the deal before it comes to the marketplace.

20. is the place where you get expired domains with great and beautiful classification. give you specification like domain investors, Seo And Sem experts, And The Owner of the Domain Name or Website.

These features make your job easy and fast like a pro. 

21. is a fully dedicated website for expired domains in which you don't need to registry or create an account in it. 

You can directly find the best domain for you with their great and easily filter process.

Uses Of Expired Domains

1. For Creating Thousands Of quality backlinks through 301 Redirect -

You can find and buy the expired domains which have quality and high authority sites backlinks in your niche and then redirect it to your money site. 

This increases your site authority in google and passes 99% of link juice to your money site. which increase your google ranking unbelievably.

Many bloggers in the industry use this method to create thousands of quality backlinks at a very cheap and low price. but for that, you need a knowledge of how to find the best-expired domains.

2. You can use the expired domain to build a new website which can rank easily in their 1 week - 

We all know that expired domains have authority and thousands of backlinks. That's why you don't need to build backlinks and create authority for the website in expired domains.

If you choose a right and best-expired domain that has 30+ Da Pa And DR then you can easily enjoy the power of that domain authority. And don't need to create backlinks or don't need to get site old to rank in google fast. 

3. You can create Private Blog Networks and charge thousand of dollar to other bloggers to create high-quality backlinks - 

Private Blog Network is one of the best sources of earning in the online world

Almost all companies know need this for ranking on google.

You Can easily create it buy expired domains without spending 4 to 5 years on particular websites or blogs.

You just need to buy some expired domains which have high DA, PA, And DR Like 30+.

And then sell the backlinks to various platforms like Fiver, Upwork, etc. or you can create an SEO agency that provides high-quality backlinks to websites that can easily make you a millionaire.

6 Things You Need To Know Before Buying Any Expired Domains - 

1. Always Check The DA, PA, DR, PR Of The Expired Domains -

If you want an expired domain that can rank on the 1 week after creating the website on it then always buy an expired domain that has at least 30+ DA And PA. 

If you buy can expired domains that were old but have very low DA PA like below 15 then it is nothing but a waste of time and money for your success in blogging.

You can check the authority and DA PA of the site through the Moz bar before buying it. Or there are various sites which can also help you to find DA PA of any domain. You just need to search on google DA PA Checker.

2. Always Check The Spam Score Of The Expired Domain Before Purchase It.

Many times you find a domain that has 30+ DA PA and you think this domain is best for you but this is not true after checking DA PA you need to check its spam score. 

If its spam score is above 1% then it is not a good expired domain for you because it has spammy backlinks or sometimes it doesn't have any ranking power in Google.

The maximum spam score is 5% for buying an expired domain. if you find an expired domain that has very very high DA PA. 

You can use Moz to check the spam score of the domains.

3. Check that domain is banned or not on Google.

If you find a domain that has 30+ DA PA and 1% spam score but if that domain is banned on Google then there is no benefit of that domain.

That's why if you want to buy an expired domain then after checking DA, PA, and spam score then check whether the domain name is banned or not on Google.

Which you can check on google banned checker.

4. Check That Domain Is Banned On Google Adsense Or Not -

If you want to create a blog or website which can earn money through Google AdSense. Then you need to check that domain is banned or not on google Adsense.

Because many websites do activities that are not allowed in Google Adsense in Past And when Google Adsense has banned the website then they close that website.

And if you buy this type of website your one of the monetization option is already lost.

That's why you need to check it before buying expired domains through google banned checker.

5 Check The domain on -

Through that, you can find that, for what purpose, this expired domain is used in the past.

And sometimes if its content is related to your niche then you can use it without any tensions.

This site is very helpful to find an expired domain that is related to your niche in the past.

Many bloggers use it to find unique articles and posts for their blogs also.

6. Check That The Domain Has Chinese Backlinks Or Not -

If the domain has many Chinese backlinks then ever buy that expired domain. Because in long run this sites increase your domain spam score very very fastly and can warm your google ranking.

You can check it with the use of ahrefs backlink checker tool, which you can use free of cost.

FAQ About Best Places to Buy Expired Domains 

Expired Domains With Traffic

If you want expired domains with traffic then Godaddy Auction and flippa is the best option for you.

Best Expired Domain Finder

The best-expired domain finder is and it is free of cost.

Free Expired Domains

If you want free expired domains then find expired domains on of extension .tk, .ml, gn, etc.  and then use it.

Godaddy Expired Domains

For Godaddy expired domains please visit GoDaddy Auction

Expired Domain Auction

following are the best-expired domain auctions -
  1. GoDaddy Auction
  2. Flippa Auction
  3. Domain Coasters
  4. Namecheap Auction

Buy Premium Expired Domains

The best places to buy expired domains are GoDaddy and FlippaExpired Domain Service

Buy Used Domain

For buying the used domain you have to attend the domain auctions like GoDaddy Auctions, Namecheap Auction, and Flippa Auctions.

Backorder Expired Domain

Backorder is a complicated process for buying expired domains.

Backorder expired domains mean a service which through you can grab an expired domain which not available to buy now.

for this, you have to pay an extra amount of money to the brokers of expired or backorder domains.

How do I buy a domain that is expiring?

Go to the Domain Auctions like GoDaddy Auction and Flippa Auctions Or first find the domain which is in backorder in

How do I find high quality expired domains?

For finding the best high quality expired domains is the best place.

And first, you need the knowledge about DA, PA, SS, DR, PR, Backlinks, And Alexa Rank, Etc.

When can I buy a domain after it expires?

After the domain expired you can buy it at any time you want to buy.

Do expired domains still work?

Yes, expired domains still work but for that, you have to get an expired domain that has at least 25+ DA, PA, and 1% SS.

Then It will work for you.

How long does Godaddy keep expired domains?

When the owner does not renew the domain name then GoDaddy keeps for 26 days then sold them on Godaddy auction or sometimes GoDaddy keeps the expired domain for 6 months. And then it sends for public registration.

What happens when the domain name expires?

When a domain name expires then it will go for the backorder period. And then go for the public purchase.

What happens if I don't renew my domain Godaddy?

If you don't renew your Godaddy domain then Godaddy gives you chance to renew the domain name in 26 days after that they will send it for auction then they wait for somedays and when no one bid on the domain then they public the domain after 42 days. 

But sometimes GoDaddy keeps expired domains for 6 months also if the domain is premium.

Can I renew my domain name after it expires?

Yes, you can renew it but register takes additional charges for that, or if anyone already purchases your domain you can still have the option to contact him to get it back.

What happens if I don't renew my domain name?

If you don't renew your domain name then domain companies send you an alert mail to your e-mail id if you want a response on that then the company to send it for auction and when no one bid for your domain name then they send it to public purchase.

Last Words, 

Thanks For Reading My Article Best Place To Buy Expired Domains If It Helpful For You Then Please Share This Post To Your Community And Groups. 

Keep Blogging Guys, Love you all, and if you want to tell anything about this post then please comment in the comment sections.


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